9 thg 7, 2015

Title: Sukui no Serenade
Original title: スクイの小夜曲
Aliases: Sukui no Sayokyoku, スクイのセレナーデ
Developer + Publishers: Bug System
 Release Date: 2015-06-26


"Hey, have you heard? No matter the kind of a wish, there seems to be a site that grants them--"

Taking place at a certain rural city, that was the kind of occult-like rumor spreading mainly among students and as if it were true.

--as it goes,
there were those, who turned their rags to riches in one night,
those, who passed entrance examinations of ridiculous difficulty in a breeze,
... and those, who had their hatred turned into someone's death.
These were possible, or so it goes.

Easily ridiculed as the rumor was, but it's rooting had started.
Indeed... even in here, in the school they were students of.

Mihama Yomi.
Yuzuriha Kanon.
Isami Ritsu.
Koushou Aika.

... What will the four wish for?
From within the dark, there was a gaze, waiting for the answer.
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