28 thg 6, 2015

Original title: 蝕悦忍法帖 ~無間絶頂、異種姦地獄~
Romaji title: Shokuetsu Ninpouchou ~Mugen Zecchou Ishukan Jigoku~
Released: 2015.06.26
Company: softhouse-seal/Devil-seal


The House of Getsuin and the House of Kyoso:
In an age when ninja still existed, two clans went to war.

Sakuya and Ayane of Getsuin were victorious over Natsume,
the leader of Kyoso. However, that was not the end.

So consumed with revenge was Natsume she opened
the gates of hell, which unfurled and spew forth like a maw
all the unspeakable things of its bowels.

The House of Getsuin was decimated.

Sakuya and Ayane were spared death
for an acme fate far worse.  



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