12 thg 6, 2015

Original title: な妹き!
Romaji title: Namaiki!
Released: 2015.05.29
Company: 脳内彼女


The Mikanagi family is a noble family which has recently fallen on hard times. One day, the family elder demanded that Asuma have sex with one of his imoutos in order to continue the blood lineage which has been passed on for generations. However, he opposed it in order to protect his imoutos’ futures and left the house to live alone.

Three years later, he returned after hearing about the death of the elder. However, his cute imoutos have now grown beyond what he had imagined. While he wished to slowly deepen his bonds with them after being away for so long, they seemed to be at the rebellious age and were no longer doting upon him.

He would do anything to return to the relationship they once had, but he tried a little too hard and awakened their ‘onii-chan love’. They constantly made advances towards him. Will he be able to protect his virginity?
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