30 thg 6, 2015

Original title: メイプルカラーズHHH ××クラス全員俺の嫁!×× 豪華限定版
Romaji title: Maple Colors HHH Class Zenin Ore no Yome!
Released: 2015.06.26
Company: APRICOT


Shinji transferred into the special class at Kouka Gakuen, where he was the only male student. He was forced to do so by his mother, the school’s board chairwoman, who wanted him to find a bride so she can have a grandchild as soon as possible. All 14 of the girls in his class were gathered there as his potential brides. He was given a permit which allowed him to have sex with any of them. While he was met with cold stares at first, they soon warmed up to him as they worked together preparing for the school festival. So begins his harem-like school life with his classmates full of individuality.

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